Let’s support those who are having a challenging and difficult time

30. December 2022

For many years, SOL Baltics has kept the tradition of helping those who are having a challenging and difficult time.

We don’t give Christmas presents to our customers, partners or employees: we support people in need instead. Over the years, we have helped families with a lot of children, women’s shelters, children’s villages, the elderly, animal shelters and other people in need in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Every SOL employee can proudly say that they have contributed to these good deeds.

This year, SOL gives its support to Ukraine and its people. We have donated money to organizations that help Ukraine and given jobs to almost 300 war refugees. Our employees have personally helped people fleeing from the war, offering them a place to stay in their own homes, gathering necessary items like clothes, shoes, bedding and toiletries and giving them to the people We have personally contacted the war refugees who work at SOL, asked about their needs and how they’re getting on, trying to find individual solutions for their families wherever possible.

The people of Ukraine still need our help. If you want to contribute personally, the easiest way to do this is to find out if there is a war refugee working with you whose child is in need of warm shoes, a winter jacket or a pair of woollen socks. You can also help by making a donation or finding a local organisation that collects essential items to send to Ukraine.

Let’s notice those around us and support others together!