SOL Erasmus+ study trip to Dutch medical institutions

30. October 2023

At the initiative of Puhastusekspert, SOL Baltics participated in an Erasmus+ study trip in the field of cleaning in the Netherlands from 28-31 August. The purpose was to enhance our knowledge and skills in providing cleaning services for medical institutions. Participants made many new discoveries and gained practical knowledge from the trip.

Participants in SVS training centre

The first institution that participants visited was the Groene Hart Hospital, where cleaning is done only using water and microfiber textiles. This unique approach to cleaning offered attendants fresh perspectives on how to achieve high-quality hygiene in medical institutions.

The next destination was the OLVG Hospital, where participants received an overview of cleaning management and planning software solutions. These tools aid in the effective management and tracking of cleaning services in a challenging hospital environment.

Alongside practical experiences, an organisation called SVS conducted a workshop on the subject of training cleaning workers in medical institutions. This workshop helped improve the skills and knowledge of attendees and prepared them to work in the special conditions of medical institutions.

Participants came away with plenty of valuable thoughts and lessons, in addition to it being a practical experience:

  • In hospitals, the biggest challenge for cleaners is dust, as it is the perfect place for microbes to develop. Because of this, surfaces are first cleaned of dust, and only then is wet cleaning applied.
  • Hand hygiene plays a crucial role in medical institutions. Even though protective gloves weren’t always worn during the demonstrations, disinfecting hands was always mandatory before touching any objects or surfaces.
  • Cleaning domino effect – even a small mistake in cleaning can cause large problems. It is therefore important to think proactively and find quick solutions to stop problems from getting out of hand.
  • Trained cleaning staff are the key to health safety in medical institutions. Their skills and training ensure that the cleaning processes are fulfilled efficiently and according to regulations.
  • Active cooperation between different parties is necessary to prevent the spread of infections.

SOL Baltics and Puhastusekspert are grateful for this valuable experience, which has helped us open new doors and elevate the quality of our cleaning services in medical institutions. You can find more information on this study trip on the Puhastusekspert’s website.

The trip was financed by the European Union. Any stances and opinions in the text belong only to the author(s) and may not be shared by the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). The European Union and EACEA do not take responsibility for them.