A building’s automated systems must be inspected in accordance with the maintenance guides

The owner of the building is obligated to make professional and reasonable decisions in connection to one’s immovable property.

SOL can help with abiding by the requirements that are provided in the legislation and the maintenance guides.

Under the expertise principle, a person must perform the duty of care to ensure that one’s actions are safe, requirements are taken into account and the required results are achieved. A prerequisite of expertise is that one would have the specific knowledge and skills (Subsection 10 (1) of the Building Code).

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Rainer PestiRagn-Sells ASMarketing and Communications Manager

Ragn-Sells shares the same values with SOL. This means that the customer always comes first - the wish to provide a good level of customer service and create the best user experience in the field.

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Private: Tarvi HirvMøller Auto Tallinn OÜJuhatuse liige

By now, we have used SOL’s services for over three years, and I can truly say without any regret that this replacement has justified itself.  Especially, because of the maintenance specialist of the technical systems of our branch office.

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Viimsi KeskusHead of Administration

SOL Baltics OÜ provides different maintenance services at our centre, incl. regular technical maintenance. We are satisfied with the capacity and quality of the services.

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The required activities for maintaining a building’s automated systems:

  • Inspecting and tidying automation switchboards
  • Inspecting automation systems of various technical systems in a computer and on-site in parallel; inspecting the functioning of alarms
  • The inspection and, if necessary, the adjustment of the adjustable electrical devices located in the automation boxes
  • Inspecting signal lamps
  • Inspecting drives and actuators
  • Inspecting motorised fire barrier valves pursuant to the law in force
  • Inspecting the functioning of motorised valves
  • Inspecting frequency modulators and their functioning
  • Maintaining all building automation equipment pursuant to the maintenance manual
  • Inspecting the forwarding of alarms
  • Maintenance of firealarm systems
  • Preservation and updating of the maintenance log

A building’s automation system includes different control boxes, actuators (frequency converters, motors), different sensors and computers, the inspection of the functionality of which is necessary.

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