We do not tolerate domestic violence

01. March 2024

February is known for many important holidays and celebrations. Valentine’s Day, Shrove Tuesday and Estonian Independence Day are all celebrated one way or another by Estonian families. Sadly, statistics show that it is precisely during these holidays when mental and physical violence in homes escalates significantly.

Representatives of the members of the roundtable on intimate partner violence initiated by President Kaljulaid Foundation at the residence of the British Ambassador.

There are 2200 employees in SOL Baltics, of which nearly 1800 are women and our top management consists of three men and four women. It warms our hearts to see how diverse we are. The Diversity Charter is not just words on a paper for SOL – we truly value the principle of equal treatment among our employees, clients and collaboration partners.

Unfortunately, statistics also show that 41% of women in Estonia have suffered from mental and physical domestic violence. That is nearly every other woman, even in our company. This number is awful and deeply saddening.

Our home should be our safe space. However, research shows that it is precisely the workplace where victims of domestic violence feel safe. Thus, employers can play a positive role.

In the fall of 2023, President Kersti Kaljulaid launched an initiative to find solutions for how employers can help reduce domestic violence. This is a welcomed initiative, as so far such an important issue has mainly been dealt with by the public sector, such as by the police, ambulance services, social institutions and so on.

The workgroup initiated by the President Kaljulaid Foundation has met several times already. It includes Estonia’s largest employers such as Tallink, Maxima, SOL Baltics, Bolt, Swedbank, SEB and others. Representing SOL Baltics in the workgroup are Baltics CEO Rinel Pius and me, Mergit Inno.

In collaboration with the President Kaljulaid Foundation, tools and recommendations will be developed in 2024 to assist employers in recognising and assisting employees who suffer from domestic violence. SOL Baltics has decided that it wants to be an organisation that raises awareness and prevents domestic violence, as well as provides assistance to its employees as needed.

In the meantime, let us support, care for, and notice one another, and let us all say, “We do not tolerate domestic violence!”

Mergit Inno
Head of Marketing and Sales in Baltics