SOL Baltics is firmly stepping forward on the path of sustainability

28. February 2024

At the end of January, the SOL Baltics leadership team dedicated three days to in-depth sustainability topics that will receive special attention this year. Over the course of those three days, a series of workshops and discussions took place covering the key objectives and action plans for SOL’s sustainability. Each participant shared their thoughts on the company’s sustainability strategy and told sustainability stories about SOL.

Sustainability workshop

During the workshops, we realized that our understanding of sustainability is much greater than we initially thought, and we realized how important everyone’s contributions are to achieving this goal. It strengthened the sense of teamwork and the belief that all of our activities are interlinked and that everyone has an opportunity to contribute to promoting sustainability.

The company’s vision is to be a leader in sustainability, therefore we focus on a number of key areas. One of the key focal points is the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) and the clarification of related obligations and the preparation of action plans. Planning for the structure and metrics of the report is already underway and should be ready by January 2025.

One part of the workshop was sharing SOL sustainability stories

SOL Baltics has committed to mapping its footprint and identifying key areas of impact in line with SOL’s international responsibility strategy. To achieve our objectives, we will develop metrics and action plans, involving all stakeholders in the company.

Our activities also include the SOL Green Offices project, where we actively seek environmentally friendly solutions and integrate sustainability into our daily operations. Another important direction is sustainability projects, where we engage customers and implement innovative solutions. We have already started joint projects with several clients in Estonia and Latvia.

Communication and the raising of awareness are also important. We invest in regular internal and external communication to keep employees and partners informed about our sustainability initiatives. We also intend to raise the awareness of employees and train them on sustainability issues, thereby creating a solid foundation for sustainable development.

All participants now conduct similar workshops with their teams and share all of the information they learned over the course of three days, ensuring that knowledge and awareness is disseminated throughout the organisation. SOL Baltics is firmly continuing its journey towards sustainability, leading the way in responsible business and taking into account the interests of both the environment and society.