By buying the maintenance service of technical systems as a comprehensive solution, you save 30% on costs

By contracting professional technical maintenance specialists, you save time and money.

The customer has a single point of contact and he or she can get all of the services from a single location.
No time is spent on communicating and negotiating with various partners. SOL keeps all of the maintenance books in order, which means that the historical entries are preserved and the legal obligations are fulfilled. SOL’s team is available to the customer 24/7.

SOL Baltics is a member of the Estonian Real Estate Maintenance Association and holds the Certification of Comprehensive Real Estate Maintenance Services (KK****), Real Estate Management (HA***), Real Estate Maintenance (HO***), and Real Estate Upkeep (HK***).

The SOL Baltics quality management system is certified to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, and ISO 45000: 2015 for both cleaning and property maintenance services.

Recommended technical works according to season:

  • January

    • inspection of emergency lights (12 times a year) and yearly battery test
    • building- and monitoring automation control (if any)
  • February

    • test of power failure switches
    • maintenance of special equipment (generator, elevators, UPS)
  • March

    • inspection of roof and rainfall systems on thaw period (to prevent flood)
    • maintenance of security equipment (ATS, cameras, surveillance, passages etc)
  • April

    • maintenance of cooling systems
    • maintenance of sprinkler systems
  • May

    • inspection of facade and load-bearing structures
    • Maintenance of main distribution board
  • June

    • maintenance of lot facilities (gates, fences, barriers, paths etc)
    • maintenance of ventilation systems
  • July

    • maintenance of water supply and sewage systems
    • inspection and maintenance of extinguishers and hydrants
  • August

    • maintenance of heating systems (heating boilers and stations, gas appliances, heating circuits etc.)
    • maintenance of distribution board
  • September

    • control of lightning protection and ground loop.
  • October

    • pre-winter roof inspection and cleaning
  • November

    • Maintenance of building´s internal structures
      (evacuation doors, suspended ceilings, fireguard doors, floor coverings etc)
  • December

    • Control of fire protection valve

Who are using our services?

What do they think of the solution?

Viimsi KeskusHead of Administration

SOL Baltics OÜ provides different maintenance services at our centre, incl. regular technical maintenance. We are satisfied with the capacity and quality of the services.

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Private: Tarvi HirvMøller Auto Tallinn OÜJuhatuse liige

By now, we have used SOL’s services for over three years, and I can truly say without any regret that this replacement has justified itself.  Especially, because of the maintenance specialist of the technical systems of our branch office.

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Rainer PestiRagn-Sells ASMarketing and Communications Manager

Ragn-Sells shares the same values with SOL. This means that the customer always comes first - the wish to provide a good level of customer service and create the best user experience in the field.

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What benefits does the customer get from SOL’s maintenance service for technical systems:

  • proper condition and longer life for your equipment
  • assurance of work safety and security
  • guidance for building deployment
  • optimization of maintenance costs and energy consumption
  • ventilation, cooling and light adjustment based on needs and concept

Some of the most known buildings in Estonia have been trusted into SOL’s care. The company provides maintenance services to e.g. the Estonian National Museum, the Estonian National Archive, Viimsi Centre, etc.
The owners of commercial immovable properties value highly the benefits of the immovable property maintenance service: when they maintain their immovable property themselves, they often make strategic mistakes, they waste their valuable time and money, and they make ineffective decisions. Whereas, an immovable property maintenance company with a qualified team, plenty of experience and relationships with the other companies and authorities can achieve better results with a higher level of effectiveness.
Thanks to the synergic activities of a professional immovable property maintenance company, the owner of the building can save up to 30% on one’s time and activities.

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