The hiring of a personal repairman for a company is no longer fashionable

Emergency and repair servicesSeveral companies and establishments have found a good partner in SOL – a company that can provide an
operative level of information forwarding and professional work in emergency situations, to prevent causing any extensive damage.

Companies no longer need a personal repairman, if an immovable property maintenance company can offer daily assistance with the montage of furniture, the installation of lamps and the hanging of paintings.

How can SOL help its customers?

  • Help with keeping normal working environment
  • Restoring pre-emergency environment
  • Assuring work safety and security, including restriction of access
  • Making suggestions to improve the system, in order to prevent repeating accidents
  • Localising damages

We perform all necessary small repairs

  • Repairs and installation of furniture
  • Exchange of light sources
  • Installation of shelves, pictures, mailboxes, bulletin boards etc
  • Repairs of doors, windows and shutters
  • Sinks, faucets and water pipes exchange
  • Surface coatings mounting- or spot improvements
  • Replacing cover plates
  • 24/7 customer emergecy repair service (for contractual customers)

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