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17. August 2022Cleaning based on INSTA quality levels. Factors affecting cleaning time.
SOL Latvia is part of Cost Effective, Need Based Cleaning INSTA 800…
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19. April 2021SOL Baltics was recognized as a responsible and sustainable company
SOL Baltics was recognized as a responsible and sustainable company, which was…
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18. February 2021SOL extends in Lithuania and connects the utility maintenance and cleaning service businesses
UAB Yglė pastatų valdymas (YPV), the leading engineering systems maintenance company in…
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22. January 2021SOL Baltics joined the Estonian Employers´ Confederation
SOL Baltics is one of the largest employers in Estonia with 1,700…
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13. January 2021Guidelines Using the INSTA 800 Standard
SOL Latvia is part of project Cost Effective, Need Based Cleaning INSTA…
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12. November 2020Benefits of using INSTA 800
SOL Latvia is participating in project Cost Effective, Need Based Cleaning – INSTA…
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22. September 2020SOL Baltics purchases a company from BaltCap in Lithuania
Press release SOL Baltics, whose headquarters are located in Tallinn, has acquired…
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26. May 2020Instruction for ensuring workplace cleanliness and preventing new health crisis
Cleanliness of contact surfaces, personal hygiene and reasonable conduct are the prerequisites…
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17. March 2020Additional virus preventive cleaning of contact surfaces
Constant washing of hands and cleaning of contact surfaces is definitely the…
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21. February 2020SOL is participating in an International project of INSTA800
SOL Baltics (Latvia) got offered an amazing opportunity to be one of…
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26. November 2018SOL expanded to Denmark
SOL Baltics OÜ parent company Solemo OY bought in november 2018 Danish…
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03. March 2016SOL won the maintenance procurement of Riga Airport
Starting from this year SOL Baltics OÜ services the passenger transport terminal…
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