Important steps on journey towards more sustainable SOL

30. October 2023

In spring of this year, SOL management, along with the South Estonia business division manager, completed the University of Tartu and TalTech micro-degree program Green Transition Management. The management recognized the importance of better understanding the field to more effectively support our clients in the future and to lead the company with efficiency and sustainability in mind.

Sustainability Index Silver Level Certification

Sustainable action for SOL primarily means operating in a manner that:

  • conserves the natural environment surrounding us;
  • supports our workers and the people who use our service or are in some way affected by it;
  • ensures a company that provides an energetic, stable and pleasant work environment, managed with ethical practices and transparency.

The knowledge gained from the program reinforced the idea that SOL has already taken significant steps towards ensuring sustainability in its operations. This was further supported by the Sustainability Index Silver Level Certification, which SOL Baltics received for the third consecutive year this summer.

Responsibility Report 2022

Through the program, SOL management gained the knowledge and determination to continue developing our everyday activities and the services offered to clients in the field of sustainability. This led to a strategic decision made by the management to establish a new business division, which, in coordination with the existing divisions, will head the development of sustainability within SOL.

All employees of the Baltic sustainability and business development division, including the sales manager, started their Green Transition Management studies in September of this year.

Sustainable and responsible business conduct has always been of great importance to the owners of SOL. This is supported by the fact that the parent company of SOL in Finland has been providing an annual report on its sustainable operations for 23 years. You can find the latest report for 2022 HERE.